(If you don’t see an item on the menu that you want please, feel free to make a special request. In most cases additional charges won’t apply. Chef On The Go can customize a menu to fit any preference or nutritional need. Menu prices are subject to change without notice. (Taxes not included in price. Delivery charge may apply.)

Simple Breakfast
Breakfast Pastry Basket, Morning Bread
Butter and Jam
Orange Juice
2 - 6 people $32.00
7 - 12 people $64.00

Continental Breakfast
Freshly baked Breakfast Pastries, Scones and Breads Assorted Jams and Butter
Orange and Grapefruit Juice
6.75 Per Person/ 8 person min.

Continental Breakfast II
Freshly baked Breakfast Pastries, Bread, Scones and
Fresh Sliced Fruit with Strawberry Dipping Sauce
Assorted Jams and Butter
Your choice of any two juices
7.50 per person/8 min.

Quick Grab
Muffins, croissants, cinnamon pull apart muffins, pastries. Sausage rolls, fresh fruit. Assorted spreads and juices.
8.25 person/8 min

Frittata Breakfast
Fresh sautéed onions, peppers, garlic and tomatoes with bacon or sausage, rosemary and sage baked in an egg custard, and served warm. (Very much like a quiche, except served warm.) Served with our own homemade scones with jams, butter, and curdled cream. Also includes orange and grapefruit juice, and coffee at customers request.
8.75 person/8 min.

Breakfast Burrito Bar
An assortment of fillings such as scrambled eggs, mushrooms, peppers, hash browns, bacon, sausage, cheese, cilantro, fresh pico di gallo, and salsa. Served with warm flour tortillas, our own home made honey butter, orange/grapefruit juice and coffee at customer’s request.
7.75 person/10 min.

Assorted Breakfast Sandwiches
An assortment of croissants, buttermilk biscuits, English muffins, pita, bagels, and brioche breads with a variety of fillings such as eggs, mushrooms, peppers, hash browns, bacon, sausage, ham,cheese. Special requests are welcome
3.50 per sandwich/ 10 min.

Complete Breakfast
Freshly baked Pastries, Breads, Scones, and
Fresh Sliced Fruit with Strawberry Dipping Sauce
Assorted Jams and Butter
Your Choice of any Two Hot Items
Scrambled Eggs, Fresh Pork and Apple Sausage,
Crunchy Nutted French Toast
Breakfast Quiche’
Your choice of Two Juices
10.25 person/8 min.